Lola Monroe Overtime Video - Cover Up Those Little Ears! (Video)


lola monroe overtime videoLola Monroe’s new video for Overtime is meant as a message of female empowerment.  Unfortunately that message gets lost among all the curse words and derogatory terms for women.   The video which debuted earlier tonight on BET is a collaboration between Lola Monroe and Trina.  It features the two ladies partying around a posh Hollywood Hills home putting in some ‘overtime’.   The lyrics are catchy, but definitely intended for an older audience!

Should you let your kids watch Lola Monroe’s video for Overtime?


The video itself is fairly safe for younger viewers featuring the former model in major party mode, but the lyrics should cause most parents to either ban their kids from listening to it particularly the overuse of the b-word.  The video seems to be trying appeal to the fans of Nicki Minaj, but she’s trying a bit too hard.    This is definitely one that you should keep away from little ears! 

What do you think of Lola Monroe’s new video?  Is Lola Monroe trying to compete with Nicki Minaj?

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