London Calling! 5 American Celebrities That Can Do A Pretty Decent British Accent

Celebs that can do some pretty mean British accents

You know you’ve tried it. In fact, you probably tried it more after a few good beers during a drinking binge in college. And no, I’m not talking about that. Instead, I’m talking about British accents.

But when it comes to celebrity parents, they of course can do the British accents with ease. Take Gwyneth Paltrow. She won an Oscar for doing one in “Shakespeare In Love,” married a Brit, moved across the pond and probably knows how to pronounce Goop in five different regional British accents by now. That is what you call talent, people.

As for myself, I’ve been trying my hand at a Scottish accent (I know, different, don’t lecture me) as we’ve been listening to a Brave read-along CD that we’ve put in our mini-van. And for some reason each time I saw, “I am Merida, first born descendent of DunBroch, and I’ll be shooting for my own hand,” my Scottish accent ends up sounding a little Indian. And I haven’t a clue as to why.

But one American that is not on this list (and really should be) is my 4-year-old daughter. After watching Cars 2 endless times since it came out on DVD late last year, she’s really mastered her Holly Shiftwell accent each time she yells, Stop it, Mater!” It’s pretty spot on if you ask me.

Check out our photo gallery and let us know what you think.

  • Angelina Jolie IN Tomb Raider 1 of 5
    Angelina Jolie IN Tomb Raider
    That cut-glass frostiness, the clipped delivery, it's all perfect. But then again with all the traveling Angie and her family do, they probably have 5 different accents they speak with by now.
  • Madonna 2 of 5
    Is it American? Is it British? Is it Scottish? I don't think the world will ever know but at least we can agree on one thing: she has pretty good diction.
  • Natalie Portman In The Other Boleyn Girl 3 of 5
    Natalie Portman In The Other Boleyn Girl
    I actually saw this movie the other day and I must say, not only is Natalie's accent spot-on, but so is Scarlett Johannson's. Talk about talented ladies.
  • Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes 4 of 5
    Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes
    If the Brits say that his British accent is very convincing and almost perfect, I believe it. I really do.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare In Love 5 of 5
    Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare In Love
    The fact that she won an Oscar for her performance in "Shakespeare in Love," married a Brit and moved across the pond should have legitimized her British accent by now. And I must say, how cool it must be to be able to switch from an American to a British accent in a split second. That is a talent I wish I had.

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