Long-Lost Disney Friends Visit the Disneyland Resort!


bre927265SMALLMy family gets so very excited when we see characters wandering around Disneyland, but when we spot one of the more obscure or less “popular” Disney stars, our excitement borders on unbridled.

On a recent visit to the Magic Kingdom we were spending some time at the Big Thunder Ranch when the one and only Clarabelle came for a meet and greet. We were all totally giddy, especially my old-school Disney lovin’ daughter. If you love the more obscure Disney characters like us, Limited Time Magic “Long Lost Friends” week at Disneyland is not to be missed.

Each week of the year, Disney Parks are presenting a different special and unique experience, a little added, and limited, magic. Coming soon will be a week dedicated to those Disney characters that you don’t see wandering the park every day from Merlin to Flora, Fauna and Merryweather to Scrooge McDuck and Ludwig VonDrake. And Disneyland wants your help! You can go right here to the Disney Parks blog and vote for what characters you’d like to make an appearance (voting ends March 21st).

Who would you like to see during Long Lost Friends week?



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