Look Here Kids - Roy Halladay's Hard Work Pays Off with Perfection!

roy halladay perfect game
Roy Hallady Pitches a Perfect Game

It is nearly impossible to see a moment of pure perfection.  It was one of those truly memorable perfect moments tonight when Roy Halladay pitched a no-hitter for only the second time in MLB playoff history.

It was one of those moments that every sports fan lives for and every parent can point to and say ‘look kids that’s what you work for’.  It was a moment that will forever live in sports history for generations to savor for years to come.

What makes it more important is the fact that Roy Halladay pitched it!  It is his second no-hitter of the season following a perfect game earlier in the season. 

In a world of sports heroes that many parents aren’t sure their kids should be looking up to Roy Halladay is an exception to that rule.  A father-of-two who is credited almost as much with his work with underpriviledged kids off the field as his actions on the mound, Halladay is the model of a sports hero who really deserves the title.   

Our congratulations go out to Roy Halladay on his post-season no-hitter!  Thanks for getting the playoffs off to a fabulous start!

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