Look Which Celeb Moms Turned 30 This Year!

Britney is 30
Britney Spears: Birthday girl is in good company

There’s something about hitting a milestone birthday that really hits you. Especially when you have kids. And they find out – somehow – that you’ve entered a new decade. And they say, “Wow, Mom, you’re really old.”

But what helps is knowing that you’re in good company. When I entered my own milestone decade this year, I had lots of moms to welcome me and assure me that great things lie ahead. So Britney, if you’re feeling a little bummed about turning the big 3-0 today (and if Sean Preston and Jayden James remind you of it a little too often), you can look to other gorgeous celeb moms who also entered their third decade stronger than ever. Look who turned 30 this year!

  • Jessica Alba 1 of 5
    Jessica Alba
    The red-hot mom turned 30 on April 28.
  • Beyonce 2 of 5
    Born on Sept. 4, 1981, she'll celebrate her 31st birthday as a new mother.
  • Natalie Portman 3 of 5
    Natalie Portman
    New mom to son Aleph, the "Black Swan" was born June 9.
  • Bryce Dallas Howard 4 of 5
    Bryce Dallas Howard
    The star of "The Help," born March 2, is expecting her second baby.
  • Jennifer Hudson 5 of 5
    Jennifer Hudson
    Another September girl (the 12th), Hudson is looking better than she did in her 20's on "Idol."


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