Look Which Famous Parents Came to Comic-Con! (Photos)

Matt Damon enjoys himself at Comic-Con.

Woe be to those who think of comic conventions as just a bunch of folks in weird costumes who have every episode of Star Trek memorized. In fact, they’re a huge deal in which big-name stars come out to greet fans and promote new movie and TV projects.

The Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend is no exception. The stars of such mega-hits as True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Twilight were in attendance, along with the headliners of Total Recall – both the original and the upcoming remake!

And who do we see here? None other than Matt Damon, who has a big studio film, Elysium, coming out next March.

He was one of a number of celebs who also happen to be parents – but the cameras didn’t catch any of their kids coming into the convention. Sure, these actors are busy working, but surely they could have had a nanny walk their children through the hall, couldn’t they?

Let’s hope they did. Otherwise, that sound you hear in the distance might just be a famous parent’s youngster shrieking, “YOU WENT TO AN EVENT FEATURING KELLAN LUTZ  AND IAN SOMERHALDER AND DIDN’T BRING ME?!?

See who else got their fantasy/sci-fi on!

  • Jodie Foster 1 of 6
    Jodie Foster
    Costarring with Matt Damon in "Elysium," the Oscar-winning actress has two sons.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger 2 of 6
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    He always told you he'd be back. But the dad of four has been more known of late for his personal issues than his movie roles.
  • Joel McHale 3 of 6
    Joel McHale
    He's the king of snark on "Community," but in real life, Joel is the devoted dad of two young sons, Eddie and Isaac.
  • Colin Farrell 4 of 6
    Colin Farrell
    The dad of two sons is starring in the remake of Schwarzenegger's film "Total Recall."
  • Noah Wyle 5 of 6
    Noah Wyle
    Formerly of "ER," the "Falling Skies" star has two children, son Owen and daughter Auden.
  • Jaime Pressly 6 of 6
    Jaime Pressly
    Best known for playing Joy in "My Name Is Earl," Jaime is mom to 5-year-old son Dezi.


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