Look Who Voted! Celebrities Tweet Their Election Day Pics


Need a little more inspiration to go out and vote? Or perhaps you already have and just want to see the excellent company you are in. If you fall into either one of those categories, or just wanna see some cool candid photos of a whole slew of voting celebrities, check out the slideshow of star voters we have put together.

Rock stars from the Foo Fighters to Fallout Boy, superstars from Heidi Klum to Mariah Carey, and reality stars from Ivanka Trump to Nicole Richie have tweeted their personal photos from the polls. Check them out right here!

  • Nicole Richie 1 of 21
    Nicole Richie
    She asked a simple question: "Did you? #VOTE"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Gwen Stefani 2 of 21
    Gwen Stefani
    Gwen Stefani votes before she headed off to Europe saying, "Just voted ! Do it! Gx"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Ivanka Trump 3 of 21
    Ivanka Trump
    "Voting! #electionday #vote #Election2012"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Dave Grohl 4 of 21
    Dave Grohl
    Foo Fighter Dave Grohl proudly displayed his sticker!
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Joan Rivers 5 of 21
    Joan Rivers
    "Left Dr Nicholas and my gorgeous shorts behind and now back to find my darling Eric on line and vote. Perfect timing!"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Mariah Carey 6 of 21
    Mariah Carey
    Last night Mariah Carey sang alongside the First Lady Michelle Obama, and today she got up early to vote!
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Mariah Carey 7 of 21
    Mariah Carey
    "Pon de line, ooooh it's early! Haaaaa #Obama2012"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Mariah Carey 8 of 21
    Mariah Carey
    "Let your vote be heard!! Four more years!"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Kimora Lee Simmons 9 of 21
    Kimora Lee Simmons
    Kimora Lee Simmons wrote, "Voting w Ming Lee and Aoki Lee." Bringing her girls to the polls with her!
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Patton Oswalt 10 of 21
    Patton Oswalt
    "GO AND DO LIKEWISE. Thank you. #vote "
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Lenny Kravitz 11 of 21
    Lenny Kravitz
    "Damn it's early but gotta vote!"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Lenny Kravitz 12 of 21
    Lenny Kravitz
    "I voted. Go #vote"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Marlee Matlin 13 of 21
    Marlee Matlin
    "So proud to have exercised my right as an American and voted!"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Marissa Winokur 14 of 21
    Marissa Winokur
    "We voted !! Did you!!!???"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Mary J. Blige 15 of 21
    Mary J. Blige
    "My vote, my voice."
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Heidi Klum 16 of 21
    Heidi Klum
    Heidi Klum tweeted this photo asking, "Did You?"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Issac Hanson 17 of 21
    Issac Hanson
    "I always get excited on Election Day. It is my 4th presidential & 7th total election. I never miss a vote. -ISAAC"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Felicity Huffman 18 of 21
    Felicity Huffman
    "Flicksters, me and the girls casting my vote. What an honor, what a thrill. I love my country!"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Bridgit Mendler 19 of 21
    Bridgit Mendler
    Disney star Bridgit Mendler tweeted this cute picture saying, "Voting for the first time ever with mom and dad! I even got the sticker! #govote"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Pete Wentz 20 of 21
    Pete Wentz
    Fallout Boy Pete Wentz tweeted this photo saying, "#ivoted."
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Maria Menounos 21 of 21
    Maria Menounos
    "Went with mom and dad to cute! They got their little, "I voted" stickers. :)"
    Photo Source: Twitter

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