Look Who's Turning 2 This Month!


halle berry nahla aubryThe ever-flowing maternity waters always spring eternal in Hollywood. But just a scant two years ago, a cluster of stars (and in some cases their spouses) were all in a delivery room pushing or prepping for a C-section at the same time to bring forth the best little people to come into their lives. Here’s a roundup celeb toddlers entering the terrifically terrible twos this month:

1.    Halle Berry’s daughter Nahla
Favorite stomping grounds: Playground, beaches and zoos
Which parent she looks most like: Halle, but she has Daddy Gabriel Aubrey’s eyes!

Who else is turning 2 this month? Find out after the jump!

2.    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s twins Max and Emme

Favorite stomping grounds : Concert stages, backyard parties and yachts

Which parent she looks most like: It’s a tie! Max looks like J. Lo and Emme looks like Marc

3.    Christina Aguilera’s son Max

Favorite stomping grounds: Playground with Dad, out and about everywhere with Mom

Which parent he looks most like: Dad Jordan Bratman

4.    Scott Baio’s daughter, Bailey

Favorite stomping grounds: Out and about with Mom and Dad, playground with Dad

Which parent she looks like: Mom Renee Sloan

Happy Birthday 2-year old celeb babes! This group would make for some fantastic playdate birthday party wouldn’t they?

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