Lourdes Is Nothing Like Madonna


madonna-lourdesMadonna’s daughter Lourdes has fallen far from the tree. She says she doesn’t want to dress like her mom, because she dresses too scantily.

“Lourdes is fairly conservative. I recently heard her say she would never be comfortable wearing some of the costumes her mom wears on stage. ‘Oh that is so not me,’ she said.”

“Occasionally, they argue because Lourdes might like to wear something her mother doesn’t agree with. Like all mothers and daughters, they have disagreements. That’s OK with Madonna. Madonna told me, ‘I want her to learn to argue and stand up for herself. And if she can stand up to me, she can stand up to anyone.’ “

That’s kind of funny. She doesn’t let the kids have sugar, watch tav, or other stuff, but racy clothes are okay. Oy! She doesn’t make any sense.

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