Lost Season 6: Matthew Fox' TV Swan Song


lost-season-6-premiere-abc-time-matthew-fox-leavingThe Lost Season 6 premiere is hours away, and with it comes the beginning of the end for the popular show — the series will be wrapping up this year. It also marks the end of Matthew Fox’ small screen career — he says he plans to quit television after the show ends. Disclaimer: I’ve never watched the show. Commence the flogging.

“I’m either going to do the kind of things I want to do in the film world, or maybe I’ll just do something else entirely,” Fox said. “It’s been two really great experiences between Party of Five and Lost, and I’m ready to take it to the next step and see what I can do in [the film] world.” He says he hopes to move to the Pacific Northwest to be closer with family and to spend more time with his wife, Margherita, and their two children Kyle Allison, 11, and Byron, 9.

Okay, while looking up some facts for this post I watched a clip of the show and I have to admit it does look intriguing. I may just have to invest in those 200 boxed sets and watch the whole thing on DVD.