Lots of Baby Palins Plus 5 More Celebrity-Inspired Baby Names

baby names
Bristol Palin isn't the only Bristol around any more!

How do you choose a baby name? You can use a family name, a name you have always loved, or you can look to the current baby name trends.

Since coming into the public eye, Sarah Palin’s girls’ names have been gaining in popularity: Bristol, Willow, and Piper.

Those names aren’t for you? Here’s 5 more celebrity-inspired baby names that are growing in popularity:

1. Isla: a unique name and who can resist the adorable Isla Fisher?

2. Bella: after Kristen Stewart’s character in the Twilight series.

3. Roger: a classic name made popular again because of Mad Men.

4. Finn: not the only name from Glee that is becoming more common among babies!

5. Maci: after the Teen Mom star, though Teen Mom bad girl Amber’s name is on the downswing.

Photo: PRPhotos