Lourdes Caught Dancing On Side Stage During Concert (Video)


Lourdes Leon CicconeWe’ve already heard a rumor that Madonna’s daughter Lourdes will be appearing in the video for her new song “Celebration.” Now, it looks like we’ve got a sneak peak. 12 year-old Lourdes was caught on camera while practicing her dance moves on the side of the stage during one of her mom’s concerts. (video below)

How cute is that! It’s not everyday that you get to see a kid with superstar DNA in training.

Most of the Lourdes Leon action is in the first 15 seconds, so don’t bother watching the rest unless you’re just into Madonna and her backup dancers flopping around.

I guess the big question is: is Madonna grooming Lourdes to become a backup dancer? Performer?

Based on the evidence I’ve seen, I’m definitely going to have to say yes. Last month, we saw Lourdes with a back brace (perhaps treating a dancing injury?), then the Celebration video, and now this.