Lourdes Leon Has Acting Dreams



Lourdes Leon, oldest child of Madonna and Carlos Leon, wants to follow in her famous mom’s footsteps but not with a music career.  The soon-to-be 13-year-old wants to act.

Madonna said, “I don’t think she wants to be a singer.  I think she wants to be an actress.  I’m fine with it as long as she finishes school, and takes it seriously.”

The proud mom added, “She also plays piano, and she’s really into clothes and fashion and style.  She can go in any direction.  She’s got a lot of diverse interests right now.

“I’m not pushing anything.  We’ll see what she wants to do.”

The Material Girl also talked about Lourdes’ life in the spotlight.  “She’s grown up in the limelight, for sure.  She’s been protected, but she’s been chased by the paparazzi since she was a tiny baby.”

I see big things for that kid.  She’s so fierce!