LOVE IT OR HATE IT! Kelly Rutherfords Look Of The Day!

Kelly Rutherford

Did any of you ever do the over size jacket back in the day? I won’t lie: I did. I can particularly remember a white coat with pinned blue jeans.  I’m not entirely sure why I was so attached to the look; then again, thinking back to fluorescent over sized tees and Jimmy Z board shorts this was a good point to move fwd.

Let me say this again… that was back in the 80’s and while fashion can come back, I have no idea why this one would! Kelly Rutherford who sported the above outfit as she was walking to the set of Gossip Girl. Was spotted wearing an over sized brown coat, over a purple dress and white pants, big brown boots and John lennon glasses. The actress and fashionista smiling and all rocked a trend most of us were done with almost a decade ago. So what do you think? Love it or hate it?


(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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