Love It or Hate It? Rachel Zoe Wears a Lace Kaftan at Super Saturday

rachel zoe
Rachel Zoe Wears a Big Lace Doily

Is that a dress or a lace tablecloth that Rachel Zoe decided to wear to the Super Saterday event in the Hamptons yesterday?  The annual charitable shopping event got off to a big bang with a flurry of celebrities flocking to the Hamptons to grab up the luxury deals. 

On-hand for the event was the stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe in what I can only describe as a great big fashion miss.  Rather than show off her fab post-pregnancy curves, Rachel opted to cover herself up with a giant doily.  Although I do love the color white on the reality star, it is the old fashioned lace and abundance of fabric that totally overwhelms her. 

What do you think of Rachel’s lacy kaftan?  Love it or hate it?

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    Rachel Zoe
    Stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe wears a loose lace kaftan at the the annual Super Saturday event in the Hamptons.
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    Rachel Zoe
    The loose fitting lace dress completely overwhelms the petite Rachel Zoe and does nothing to compliment her figure.
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    Rachel Zoe
    Rachel Zoe's lace dress has a dowdy old lady tablecloth feel.
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    Rachel Zoe
    Rachel Zoe takes advantage of the Super Saturday shopping event to pick up a Brooks Brothers bib for her baby Skyler.

Photos: Pacific Coast News and Twitter