Love or Hate Justin Bieber's Haircut? Blame Vanessa Price


Justin Bieber haircut

All superstars have a crew of people behind the scenes that make magic happen. From their personal trainer working on their bodies, vocal coaches working on their pipes and of course stylists working on their one of their most important assets…their hair.

And when someone changes their iconic cut, well it’s headline news. And when someone whose hair is as famous, beloved and copied as Justin Bieber makes a change, it’s really really big news. Over the weekend Justin got rid of his “hair flip.” The new hair, it’s a bit more casual and carefree. What do Bieber fans think of the new do? Some are embracing it. Others, they hate it and are breaking up with him via the internet – by unfollowing him on twitter. So who is responsible for all this hoopla? Justin Bieber’s hairdresser Vanessa Price. And she’s now become a household name, in those home inflicted with Bieber Fever that is.

Vanessa – who goes by the Twitter handle ThatLadyV – gained thousands of followers after news of the hair change hit. And some are so enamored with her work that they started the Twitter group “LadysVsarmy.”

Let’s hope that the crazy Twitter contingents who do things like send death threats to Selena Gomez and aren’t backing the new haircut won’t make Vanessa Price enemy number one (or in this case two).

Photo: Twitter

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