Ludacris: My Daughter Is My Best Friend


Well, who knew actor. rapper and restaurateur Chris “Ludacris” Bridges was such a softy. He says his only child, eight-year-old daughter Karma, is his best friend and that she comes to work with him at his restaurants, to movie sets and to his concerts — the clean ones that is.

“Whenever I’m at the restaurant, she’s there trying to help out the servers and she gets paid for that. And whenever I’m acting, she’ll come on set and root me on … I’ll bring her to some of my shows .. the clean ones I do at festivals where there are other kids.”

So who is Karma’s mother (pictured here with Ludacris and Karma)?

Karma’s mom is Ludacris’ long-time on-and-off-again partner Christine White, an attorney and founder of The Collective Renaissance Guild. Per its website, “CRG is a non-profit organization comprised of the Power Generation (formerly known as Gen X or the Hip Hop Generation) professionals charged with exposing, promoting and infusing an appreciation for the arts, philanthropy and social change into the cultural landscape of our generation.”

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