Luna Maya: Is She Ready to Return to Showbiz After Scandal?


Luna Maya

Luna Maya has had a hard time. The Indonesian actress got ensnared in a high profile sex scandal that greatly effected her career, life and relationships.

In Indonesia, they take their sex scandal’s seriously. Here in the states some starlets and celebrities use their sex tapes as a way to jumpstart or reignite their careers. In the conservative country of Indonesia? It isn’t just a career ender but can land you in jail…like Luna Maya’s boyfriend Nazril Irham aka Ariel Peterpan.

After a sex tape featuring Luna Maya and Nazril Irham surfaced, seemingly overnight Luna Maya’s commercial contracts were canceled and new gigs dried up. She escaped to her native Bali and spent time out of the limelight, laying low, very low. And her boyfriend? He’s looking at  3 and a half years in prison for the tape for “distributing pornographic material on the internet, in breach of Indonesia’s strict anti-pornography laws.”

Luna Maya is trying to get her career going again. She has a new single called  “Tak Bisa Bersamamu” (Can’t Be With You), which seems to be an ode to her jailed boyfriend and she is starting to make appearances and do magazine covers. But will the conservative Indonesian audience embrace her after her fall?


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