Lunar Eclipse 2010: Look Up NOW The Lunar Eclipse Is Starting! Live Feed!


lunar eclipseFolks across the country are excited to get their first glimpse of a total lunar eclipse this decade.  Even better it is the first time that the lunar eclipse has coincided with the winter solstice since 1638. 

Look up in the sky in the next few minutes to get the first glimpse of this historic 2010 lunar eclipse!

Watch the Lunar Eclipse 2010 live!

The only tricky part is that cloudy weather is hitting parts of the United States which is making it hard to look up in the sky to witness the event for ourselves.    If you are in one of those areas being hit by now or just have a cloudy night on your hands there are lots of places online to watch the lunar eclipse as it happens. 

If you are still up, the time has come and the lunar eclipse is starting now.  So put on those coats or sit back in your chair and enjoy the show!

You can watch NASA’s live feed of the 2010 Lunar Eclipse below. 

Are you braving the cold to watch the lunar elipse 2010 or are you watching it online?