Lunar Eclipse 2010 Time: Lunar Eclipse Tonight Finds Most People Asleep!

lunar eclipse 2010 time lunar eclipse tonight
Lunar Eclipse 2010 Time: Most Kids Will Be In Bed!

In case you have somehow missed it, there is a lunar eclipse tonight, the first and only total lunar eclipse 2010. The next lunar eclipse won’t be until 2014! Tonight also marks the Winter Solstice 2010…it’s a Winter Solstice lunar eclipse!

The lunar eclipse 2010 time will occur in the middle of the night for most people in the U.S. As a point of reference, the lunar eclipse December 2010 time will occur on the East Coast somewhere between 1:29am and 5:00am.

The lunar eclipse December 2010 will last for 72 minutes, and will make the moon completely red. An estimated 1.5 billion people around the world should be able to see it, but considering how late it is happening in the United States, most kids and worn-out parents will probably miss it, as they will be fast asleep!

Are you watching the total lunar eclipse 2010 even though the time isn’t exactly ideal?


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