Lunar Eclipse 2010 Time: What Time Can Your Family See the Total Lunar Eclipse?


lunar eclipse 2010 timeParents across the country are getting ready to spend a night staying up late with their kids to witness the first total lunar eclipse in two years.    The one question that many tired parents are wondering is just how late they will have to stay up with their budding star gazers. 

What time can you and your family see the total lunar eclipse tonight?

While there have been lots of lunar eclipses in history this one is especially important.  it is the first time since 1638 that the lunar eclipse coincides with the winter solstice.  This is certainly a night that future astromoners deserve to stay up and witness!

The lunar eclipse time will depend on the time zone you reside in.  The eclipse will hit the east coast first at approximately 1:32 AM and begin its slow roll across the country (adjust accordingly for your own time zone).  The moon will be fully eclipsed at 2:41 AM EST.    The total eclipse will last for 72 minutes ending at 3:53 AM. 

If you happen to have a little star chaser at home who loves the moon and the stars, this may be the night that you’ll want to let them stay up and watch the sky!

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