Lunar Eclipse: Watch Lunar Eclipse Online To Teach Your Kids About Lunar Eclipse (Video)

lunar eclipse 2010
Watch Lunar Eclipse Video To Teach Kids About Total Lunar Eclipse

Did you watch the lunar eclipse December 20th, 2010 last night? In case you missed it, the total lunar eclipse occurred early today, something that is a rare treat for the whole family. The total lunar eclipse 2010 also happened to be the Winter Solstice, and the two only coincide about once every 450 years.

In case you missed the total lunar eclipse and still want to share it with your kids, you can watch the lunar eclipse online video below to teach them more about it.

The lunar eclipse video below is an interview with lunar expert, “The Night Sky Guy”, Andrew Fazekas, who provides more information on the event that everyone can’t stop buzzing about.

Did you watch the total lunar eclipse December 2010/winters solstice lunar eclipse early this morning? If you missed it, will you watch the lunar eclipse live camera video or check out the lunar eclipse photos tonight?


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