Lydia Hearst to Play Lindsay Lohan-like Character

Lydia Hearst Shaw
Lydia Hearst Shaw to play Lindsay Lohan character

Lydia Hearst Shaw will star in an upcoming comedy called “Dogs in Pocketbooks.” The movie will be a loose retelling of Lindsay Lohan’s problems and struggles with fame.

Who is Lydia Hearst and is this movie just mean?

Lydia Hearst Shaw is the daughter of publishing’s William Randolph Hearst. But, aside from being an heiress, she has worked as a journalist and a model, appearing in Vogue and GQ.  She also had a role in “Gossip Girl.”

As for the character she will play, supposedly, it’s similar to spoofs that Lindsay Lohan herself has done, making fun of the celeb life. All in good fun then. Or is it?

Photo: PRPhotos

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