Maci Bookout Denies Ryan Edwards' Cheating Claims: Says They Aren't Back Together

Maci Bookout
Maci Bookout Not Back Together With Ryan Edwards

There were a lot of rumors going around that Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout was on the road to reconciliation with her ex, Ryan Edwards, but she insists that they are not back together. She’s also speaking out against his claims that she cheated on him with her new boyfriend, Kyle King.

Ryan is the father of Maci’s son, Bentley, and recently told a tabloid magazine that she had been unfaithful to him. Of the allegations Maci says, “He can say what he wants…I’m not going to pay attention to things that aren’t true.”

Maci also adds that her relationship with Kyle King is “really good”, and that she did not break up with him to start things up with Edwards again. She has actually moved to Nashville with her son so that they can be closer to King. She says that things “feel right” with him, and that they are “best friends.”

Though Edwards once threatened to sue for custody of Bentley, Maci says that they have since worked out their parenting arrangement. The teen mom also says, “we’ve learned ways to talk to each other without being so mean.”