Mad Men Finale Recap, Season 4 Episode 13 Tomorrowland: A Surprise Engagement!

mad mean season finale
"Mad Men" season finale: What did you think?

Your “Mad Men” finale recap can be summed up in seven words: Why did Don Draper propose to Megan? It was certainly a surprise, after his courtship of psychologist Faye Miller earlier this season, and almost seemed intended to remind viewers once again that we don’t really know Don. (Well, the man posing as Don; in a creepy twist, he proposed to Megan using the ring of the dead woman the real Don Draper was married to. Got that?)

I think Megan could make a good stepmother, and goodness knows Don’s kids could use it, with Betty Draper doing her best “Mommy Dearest” impression this season.

But considering the lack of development of Don and Megan’s relationship, this engagement seemed a little less than satisfying. What did you think will Don and Megan actually get married? What is Don’s real motive here? Were you satisified with season 4 episode 13, “Tomorrowland”? What does this mean for next season?

Photo: AMC