'Mad Men's' John Slattery Defends Pregnant January Jones' On Set Behavior

january jones, mad men
January Jones on set behavior has recently been questioned.

Earlier it was reported that a pregnant January Jones was less than thrilling to have on the set of Mad Men. But her costar John Slattery is coming out and defending the hard working actress.

11-year-old actor Jared Gilmore, who no longer works on the series, revealed he had to “be careful” around the 33-year-old actress, who played his cold and emotionally closed-off mother on the AMC hit series. “She’s not as approachable as the others. She’s really serious about what she does,” Gilmore said. “Everyone else is so nice.”

But Slattery isn’t taking those comments too lightly. “Well, it’s an intimidating character,” Slattery, 49, told E! News. “I mean, that’s the character. Betty Draper is an intimidating woman I suppose, if you were a 7-year-old boy [or] her son.”

“She’s a sweetheart,” Slattery continued. “We got lucky. We don’t have anybody like that.”

And as far as Jones‘ pregnancy is concerned, Slattery has “no doubts” Jones will make a “great mother” in real life.

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