Madonna and Daughter Lourdes Give Each Other Fashion Advice

Madonna and daughter Lourdes

Madonna and her daughter Lourdes swap fashion tips!

The Material Girl’s 14-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon is way ahead of becoming a style icon, just like her mom.

The mother-daughter duo are already designing together on their teen-focused “Material Girl” fashion line and will now include a beauty range and intimate, denim, outerwear and dress collections.

She even gives her mom fashion tips!

“Everyday. I will be like, ‘Mom, you can’t wear that.’ Or she will be like, ‘Lola, you can’t wear that.’ A lot of the time we don’t listen to each other, but sometimes we do,” Leon told the Associated Press.

Although she and her mom disagree on certain fashions, Leon says she usually wins out when it comes to the fashion line.

“I have to tell her, ‘Mom, it is the in thing. This is what kids are doing now. If you don’t do this, then it is going to suck.’ And then she usually gives in.”

What does Leon say is OUT of style these days?

“I am all for crop tops, but I don’t like it when people wear crop tops that are excessively cropped. Really, don’t be a skank with your crop top,” Leon said.

What other fashion advice can we learn from this 14-year-old?

“I used to do this a lot, but the hippie bands around your head are very out. Don’t ever wear that again.”

So where does Leon gets her inspiration from?  Her mom’s closet!

“I am always in there and if no one knows where I am in the house, it is usually my mom’s closet and I am usually taking something without asking her,” she reveals, adding that her mom then “gets mad at me.”