Madonna And David Go Back To Where It All Began


madonna-david-bandaBefore David Banda’s adoption in 2008, most Americans had scarcely ever heard of the small south African nation of Malawi. Yesterday, Madonna took her adopted son, along with the rest of her kids, back to the David’s orphanage in Malawi. Don’t worry, she wasn’t dropping them off… they were just visiting.

According to reports, Madonna wanted to show all of the kids the orphanage that took care of David before he became a Ciccone. Apparently, it’s expanded to accommodate the growing number of orphans in Malawi.

Madge, Lourdes, Rocco, Mercy and David toured the grounds, even checking out the crib where Madonna first fell in love with David. The crib where her Malawi obsession began.

Malawi may not be a household name or anything, but Madonna’s efforts have certainly helped put it on the map. Her Raising Malawi charity is helping to care for Malawi’s 1 million orphans (yes, you  read that right: 1 million) and she’s currently building a girl’s school as well.