Madonna and Family Visit Malawi


Madonna landed in the African nation of Malawi on Monday with an entourage that included all four of her kids: Lourdes, 13, Rocco, 9, plus David, 5, and Mercy, 4, both born in Malawi.

The highlight of Madonna’s week-long charity tour was Tuesday, when she laid the first brick of her $15 million-dollar girls’ academy, set to open sometime next year.

Sources said that Madonna, 51, planned to reunite David and Mercy with their biological families while there.  Mercy’s uncle seemed to imply Madonna hadn’t been updating the family on the girl’s welfare and told Us Weekly magazine:  “We are very excited. The whole family anxiously awaits her home-coming. We were getting worried when nobody was telling us how Mercy was faring. We will be relieved to see her again.”

See more photos of the group next, including Mercy James playing with orphans at the Mphandula Children’s Center and Lourdes wearing an (interesting?) belt emblazoned with skulls.


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