Madonna And Her Brood May Get Evicted!?


madonna-kidsHere’s a shocker: Madonna is a loud, uncaring, self-indulgent neighbor. Only months after buying an apartment in Central Park, then buying up the one next door and converting it into a recording/dance studio, neighbors are going ballistic over the super loud music and dancing that goes on at all hours.

Madonna’s upstairs neighbor, Karen George, is apparently suing Madonna in order to stop the racket, which I’m guessing she has already complained about to Madge in person. Here’s what the lawsuit claims that Madonna’s neighbors are dealing with:

“blaring music and stomping… Madonna and one or more of her invited guests repeatedly dance
and train to unreasonably high-decibel, amplified music, causing noise and vibration to pour through the walls, ceilings and radiators.”

I wonder if Madonna had the foresight to sound-proof her children’s rooms? Obviously, her kids live in the house too. Mercy and James Banda are both fairly young and probably have early bed times.

So, I’m just wondering if Madonna has maybe paid to sound-proof parts of her own family’s home, but just failed to consider her neighbors. Then, after they complained, maybe Madge just got all obstinate and rebellious. That wouldn’t exactly be a huge shocker.

I mean, we’re talking about a woman who had her very first slice of NYC pizza approximately 3 weeks ago.