Madonna And Kids Plan Educational Trip To Auschwitz


madonna-lourdes-rocco-davidIn search of “life-affirming” experiences for her kids, Madonna has reportedly decided to take her brood on a tour of one of the most infamous reminders of the Holocaust: Auschwitz.

From The Mirror:
“It won’t be an easy trip but it is an ultimate life affirming experience, and one Madonna because of her strong Kaballah beliefs does not want to ignore,” an unidentified Madonna camp source whispered to The Mirror on Monday.

“She wants her children to appreciate how lucky they are and to learn about mistakes made in the past,” the source added.

Apparently, Madonna plans to take all of her kids (Lourdes, 12, Rocco, 8, David Banda, 3, and new edition Mercy James, 3) on the field trip after her concert in Poland, later this month. Her tour guide will be close friend Rabbi Berg.

I wonder how well Mercy will understand what she’s seeing? 3 years old seems a little young to educate about the horrors of the Holocaust. Maybe Madonna has her own age-appropriate lessons planned for the tots.

When it comes to “life-affirming” experiences, I don’t know that Auschwitz qualifies in my book. I’ve never walked away from a Holocaust museum feeling anything but deep despair, but to each his own.