Madonna Brings Back Her Signature 80's Style (Photos)

Madonna at the "W.E." premiere in London.

When you think of Madonna, what is the first thing that pops into your head? For the majority of you, I’m assuming it’s bright red lipstick, lace, and fingerless gloves. Am I right?

Madonna is an icon in every sense of the word, and for the “W.E.” premiere in London, she brought back her signature 80’s style to walk the red carpet.

It is so hard to believe that Madonna is 53-years old while looking at these new photos. She looks absolutely amazing! Even though her black dress was somewhat simple, having one lace sleeve and those red gloves really put the finishing “Madonna” touch on her look.

Here are a few more photos of Madonna at the premiere. She always has and always will know how to strike the perfect pose!


  • Strike a Pose 1 of 4
    Strike a Pose
    Madonna still hasn't lost her 80's flair!
  • Looking Great! 2 of 4
    Looking Great!
    Can you believe that she's 53?
  • Amazing Shape 3 of 4
    Amazing Shape
    Check out Madonna's guns!
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    Total Icon
    No one will ever be able to do "Madonna" like Madonna!