Madonna Calls Jesus "The Love Of My Life"


madonna-family-jesusDuring yesterday’s birthday festivities, Madonna was overheard praising Jesus and calling him “the love of my life.” FYI, she’s talking about her 22 year-old Brazilian boyfriend, Jesus Luz. She’s still a dedicated follower of Kabbalah.

Here’s what Madonna allegedly told her friends:

“He’s the love of my life. He has been so strong around me. I can’t thank him enough.”

Maybe Madonna was just on a birthday high when she said all of this stuff about 30 years younger boyfriend (if she really said it at all). Only a couple of weeks ago, credible rumors were going around that Madge reportedly kicked her boy toy to the curb.

Is she serious? In some of the pictures of Madonna’s b-day party, Jesus looks more like  Lourdes’ old brother than the love of  Madonna’s life.

A friend attending the event had this to say:

“She and Jesus looked madly in love and it was great to see her looking so happy. They just looked like any normal family enjoying a holiday together.”