Madonna & Daughter Clothing Line Uses Bad-Girl Taylor Momsen As Face


Madonna is taking part in her own “Mommy and Me” activity: designing a clothing line for Macy’s with stylish daughter Lourdes Ciccone. The line the pair is designing together is aptly called Material Girl, and the face of the collection will be none other than Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen.

Unlike the majority of the rest of the uber-famous Gossip Girl cast, 16-year-old Momsen has made a point of giving herself a bad-girl image, complete with extremely revealing clothing, negative statements in the press about others (Miley Cyrus, anyone?), and public image that includes smoking.

Sure, Momsen’s got that edgy, angsty image that seems to go perfectly with Lourdes and the Material Girl style, but do Madonna and daughter really want this reckless teenager–who doesn’t exactly have a positive rep with parents–fronting their line?


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