Madonna Gets Blame From Orphanage


madonna-mercy-james-305x425Organizers of the orphanage that Madonna adopted from are sort of blaming her for low donations.

The Kondanani orphanage, which is also Mercy James’ former home,  have been struggling to raise funds.

A source tells the Daily Mirror, “We find it a day-to-day struggle to survive. Some days we don’t even know if there will be enough food to feed the babies. Donors are not giving because they are under the impression Madonna paid us vast amounts of money.”

The head of the orphanage, Annie Chikhwaza, adds: “I was never offered a penny. I did not expect any either.”

Alright, so the message is out there. If there are people with some extra money in their pockets donate to that orphanage. Just don’t blame the Material Girl.