Madonna Institutes Her Own Smoking Ban



In order to protect her and new daughter Mercy’s health while on tour, Madonna has instituted a kind of paranoid celebrity restraining order. Madge has banned all smoking roadies/staff/etc. from coming within 50 ft. of her… If you come within 50 ft. of Mercy James, she’ll probably Kabbalah chop your head clean off.

Getting ready to embark on a tour of cigarette-obsessed Russia, Madonna has drawn a line in the sand. From The Sun:

“The obsessed star has told workers on the Russia leg of her world tour that they’ll be sacked if she even sees them with fag.”

(In case you didn’t know, Madonna’s not being homophobic, cigarettes are often referred to as “fags” in the UK.)

Of course, the ban goes hand in hand with a number of other diva-like requests, but none is more serious than the smoking ban. Her other demands include an all female security team, 20 phone lines for personal use, and a steady stream of blessed Kabbalah water.

Is Madonna taking a stand for her and her kids’ health here, or is she just being a super diva?