Madonna Joins Twitter To Promote Her New Album

Madonna tweeting

First it was Gwen Stefani a few weeks ago, and now it’s Madonna who is finally joining the Twitterverse to help promote her new album, “MDNA.” But unfortunately though, she joined for just one day.

The Queen of Pop and mother-of-four, who at press time has about 40,000 followers, spent the entire day Monday tweeting and chatting with her followers, including Justin Bieber. When she was asked if she loved her fans, she replied:

“More than anything in the world except my children.”

While answering even more of her fans’ questions, she said that Williamsburg in Brooklyn is her favorite NYC neighborhood, that she’s been dying to learn Hebrew and that she loves Justin Bieber especially “when he raps.”

Ahh, gotta love Madonna and that interesting sense of humor of hers. We wonder if she is going to allow her children to join the social-networking site, too.

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