Madonna Learns Lessons In Malawi


madonna-breaks-ground-for-school-in-malawiMadonna is still learning, even at the ripe old age of 51. Yes I know, my mother would smack me if she knew I wrote that.

Madonna says that when people ask her why she chose to adopt her kids from Malawi, she says that Malawi chose her. She says “Growing up in a privileged life, I took education for granted. Coming to Malawi has taught me a lot.”

Her and her family are in Malawi to attend the official opening of the girls school that Madonna is funding.

She said, “I realized how much children deserve to be educated and so, for me, the best thing I could do was to build a school, a unique school that will create future female leaders, scientists, lawyers, doctors and if this school is successful it will be used as a model to replicate it in other countries.”
I think that Lourdes is getting a great education as well. She is being exposed to different cultures and getting to travel all over and see and do things that most kids/adults will never do.

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