Madonna Planned Surprise Appearances On MJ Tour



Michael Jackson with surprise musical guest Madonna!? Reports from Twitter and elsewhere are alleging that the Queen and King of Pop would appear together at some point during Micahel’s 50-concert residency at London’s O2 Arena. It’s sad to think about what could have been…

Madge has been in London on vacation this week, getting to know her newly adopted daughter Mercy before embarking on her own ginormous tour, which also has multiple dates scheduled at the O2 Arena.

It was on the streets of London that Madonna was spotted looking exhausted and not too healthy herself this week. Paps caught some photos of her using a nebulizer to inhale medicine in public. Kinda weird.

That was before the startling news that MJ had passed away at age 50. Both stars are single parents, each with a brood of adopted and biological children. Both are also the same age, born only 13 days apart.