Madonna Posts Photos of Herself All Bruised and Banged Up on Facebook (Photos)

No wonder she gets banged up! Madonna also posted this photo of herself rehearsing a dance number to her Facebook page.

Madonna is pretty much the busiest mom on the planet.  She just directed W.E for which she won a Golden Globe for best original song.  She performed at the Super Bowl.  Now the single mother of four is gearing up to drop her new album, MDNA, and hit the road touring at the end of May.

She’s immersed herself in rehearsals for the tour and, as FameCrawler previously reported, is having a hard time balancing work and motherhood.

The material mama isn’t joking around.  On Saturday she posted some photos of herself to her Facebook page that show how banged up she gets while rehearsing.  Bruises, scratches and a fat lip.  So, pause for a moment and realize that while her life may seem super glamorous, she’s probably working like a maniac 24/7 and getting the crap beat out of her while doing so.  Yeah, I know.  She’s probably got a staff of people to help her but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard to do everything she’s doing plus spend one-on-one time with her children.  So, go on with your bad self Madonna, you seem to be doing a great job.

Check out Madonna’s fat lip and bruises from rehearsal in the photos below.

  • Ouch! 1 of 3
    Madonna posted this photo with the caption, " cut my lip from rehearsing Girl Gone Wild".
  • Look! A Heart! How Cute! 2 of 3
    Look! A Heart! How Cute!
    She posted this with the caption, "heart shaped bruise on my ass".
  • Bruised Legs 3 of 3
    Bruised Legs
    About this photo Madonna wrote, "bruises on my leg from rehearsal".

Photos: Facebook

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