Madonna Pushing Malawi Adoption On Demi And Ashton?



Since it was sooo incredibly easy and worry-free for Madonna to adopt her last child from Malawi, rumor has it that she’s encouraging Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher to follow her lead.

After many months of unsuccessful fertility treatments, rumor has it that Demi and Ashton have decided to adopt, and they may make their move as early as this summer. That much makes perfect sense.

Adopting from Malawi though – after Madonna’s heart-wrenching adoption of Mercy James – is pretty much out of the question for rational human beings who don’t want to have their heart ripped out and repeatedly stepped on.

I guess Madonna could possibly have instructed them to start the process, just to help show Malawi officials that they need to come up with a foreign adoption program, and soon. But that’s about the only reason.

With Demi at 46, I’m guessing they want to hurry up and start a family, rather than fighting a long and expensive court battle halfway across the world just to please the Queen of Pop.