Madonna Puts Lourdes In Charge of Material Girl


Last month, Madonna announced that she was partnering with daughter Lourdes Leon to create a fashion line for Macy’s called Material Girl. Now just a month later, it seems she is handing her the reins, announcing that the 13-year-old will be making “a majority of the decisions”, according to Showbiz Spy.

“I am really counting on her because I am too busy,” she said. “This is the deal I made with her, ‘If we are going to do this line together you are up front and center and you are going to be making the majority of the decisions.”

Wow. And I remember feeling independent at that age because I had a job babysitting the neighbor’s kids for a few hours every Sunday. Meanwhile, Lourdes is telling a whole slew of adults at Macy’s what clothing they should be selling to the rest of us next fall.

So what can we expect from Material Girl with her at the helm? Check out what she’s been wearing lately and decide for yourself. (I’m thinking punky, 80s–and a lot of black.)


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