Madonna Sends Entourage To Round Up Mercy



As Madonna waits in NYC for the proper adoption paperwork to get filed, Madonna’s top aides will be taking care of Mercy in Malawi. That’s right, it looks like Madonna has sent her flunkies to pick up her new daughter. Wow.

After all of the intense and emotional court battle, you might think that Madonna would find this event worthy of a personal visit, but it looks like she may have more important business to attend to?

“She[Madonna] is not a mother. She is a benefactor.” That was a comment left by one of FameCrawler’s readers, and it looks more and more like the truth as the Mercy adoption proceeds.

Reportedly, Mercy will only have a few short weeks to get used to her new life before Madonna heads out on a 7-week European tour, starting July 4th.

Look, I’m not trying to trash Madonna’s parenting skillz here… but it sure doesn’t seem like a really great way to start Mercy’s new life as a member of the pop queen’s family.

What do you think? Is Madge more interested in running an orphanage than being  a mother?