Madonna Shooting New Film - Should She Just Stick to Singing?


Madonna was seen filming scenes on the set of her latest movie “W.E.” on the streets of London.  Dressed in a rather interesting outfit, her kids Rocco, Lourdes and Mercy visited the superstar on set in between shooting takes.

But she looks weary.

Based on an original screenplay, “W.E.” was written by Madonna and Alek Keshishian and tells the story of a modern New Yorker who becomes obsessed with what she percieves to be the greatest love story ever, that of Britain’s King Edward VIII and the divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson.

Madonna has said, “I’ve been writing it for the last two and a half years, to tell you the truth. It’s been kind of an obsession of mine.”

She wrote the script after she finished filming her directorial debut, Filth and Wisdom. “It was actually an idea I had before that, but I made Filth and Wisdom because I realized that I didn’t really have a right to make a bigger film until I made a smaller film — and learned how to make a film.”

Madonna’s first film met with generally negative reviews.  Reaction spun headlines such as,  “Madonna’s first foray into directing falls flat”, “Madonna’s fettish flick neither wise nor all that filthy” and “Stick to the day job, film boss Madge is told”. 

What do you think of Madonna directing films?