Madonna Taking Mercy Back To Malawi


Just over a year ago, Madonna began the painfully drawn-out roller coaster ride of an adoption process that finally yielded the Queen of Pop her fourth child. Now, the superstar mom is taking Mercy back to Malawi to meet her biological family — along with the deadbeat absentee father who bitterly protested Madonna’s adoption.

Proving that there are no hard feelings, Madonna will continue to honor her commitment to help Mercy stay in touch with her Malawian roots.

From the Sun:

“She promised to take them back to their homeland. She sees it as vital they understand their roots.

“Mercy’s meeting with her family will be particularly emotional as it’s the first time she’s seen them since last summer.”

As you may remember, Mercy was adopted from an orphanage. Yet during the controversial adoption process, many of Mercy’s biological relatives stepped forward to weigh in on whether or not they believed Madonna should be allowed to adopt. Obviously, the Malawian supreme court sided with Madge.


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