Madonna - Either Getting Married Or Hit By A Train - You Choose


madonna-family-jesus-stepdaddySo I guess the rumor that Madonna is going to marry Jesus is bunch of bull. She told David Letterman that she “would rather get run over by a train than marry again.

Well, if that doesn’t beat all.

Why would she tell David Letterman that when she’s supposedly telling family and friends, ” I could definitely see myself marrying him. Yes, it’s definitely on the table.”

If she doesn’t want to marry Jesus do you think that means that he is crying in the corner, devastated by this news?

Nah, I’m sure he went in to this “relationship” with eyes wide open. He is her boy toy, her arm candy and he’s probably okay with that. He gets the exposure, his expenses paid for a while and to travel the world.

I might say yes too.

Do you think they have sex? I wonder, only because she is such a performer on camera that all the sensuality may only be for the camera.

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