Madonna's Best Moments Of Her Super Bowl Halftime Show (Photos)


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Madonna gave an unforgettable Super Bowl Halftime performance.

Madonna certainly stole the show during the 46th Super Bowl on Sunday (Feb. 5) with her electrifying halftime performance!

The Queen of Pop performed several of her greatest hits while managing to outshine her latest music video of ‘Gimme All Your Luv’ with a real-time rendition featuring the likes of Nicki Minaj and MIA!

Yes, MIA attempted to steal the show when she flipped the bird to cameras and millions of viewers, but nothing can outshine our dear Madonna!

Take a look at her best performance moments in the photos below!

  • Sexy and She Knows It 1 of 12
    Sexy and She Knows It
    Madonna got on top of 'LMFAOs' shoulders.
  • Mash Up 2 of 12
    Mash Up
    A mash up of all the best moments of the Halftime performance.
  • Back to Back 3 of 12
    Back to Back
    Madonna and Nicki Minaj leaned on one another as they sang their new song.
  • Pom Poms in the Air! 4 of 12
    Pom Poms in the Air!
    Madonna used pom poms in her music video as well as her Halftime performance.
  • LUV 5 of 12
    "LUV Madonna!"
  • Trifecta 6 of 12
    Nicki Minaj, Madonna, and MIA performed on stage together.
  • Aerial Stunts 7 of 12
    Aerial Stunts
    Madonna and her backup dancers did a number of flips on stage.
  • Like A Virgin 8 of 12
    Like A Virgin
    Madonna donned a sparkly black robe for her infamous hit, "Like A Virgin!"
  • Grand Entrance 9 of 12
    Grand Entrance
    Madonna made her entrance on this huge float - that looks to be made of gold.
  • Goddess 10 of 12
    Madonna looked amazing with her head piece on.
  • Dethroning the Queen 11 of 12
    Dethroning the Queen
    Could they be passing the crown to Britney Spears? I wish!
  • Stealing The Show 12 of 12
    Stealing The Show
    MIA managed to steal the show when she flipped the bird to the camera.

[Photos via Twitter.]

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