Madonna's Biggest Fan


madonna_davidCan you guess who Madonna’s biggest fan is?  It’s David. Woo hoo! She’s raising a rocker.

Madonna said that , ” He knows every song, every word, every step and he wants to wear all the costumes. He likes my dress that I wear in ‘La Isla Bonita’.”
Madonna said all her kids know all the moves and practice all the time. “When he [David] jumped on stage to dance in my last show I was shocked actually and secretly, unbeknownst to me, they’re all studying privately with my dancers.”

“Rocco comes out and busts out like a moonwalk or, you know, some kind of break dancing move and I’ll ask him, ‘Where did you get that?’ He’s always been quite shy so I was shocked when he wanted to be in the show.”

I guess a family that plays together stays together. I love to dance around the house with my kids, and I can totally see how it would be fun to do it onstage. What a great bond.

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