Madonna's Daughter Lourdes To Go To Public School?


Looks like Madonna might be moving to New York permanently which means finding a school for her daughter. Instead of enrolling Lourdes in a fancy schmancy private school, the 13 year old is trying to attend

LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. A public school!

Gasp! PTA meetings just got a lot hipper.

LaGuardia’s not your average public school though. It’s a highly specialized performing arts school that teaches dance, music, and theater. You’ll recognize the school by its appearance in the movie Fame.  

It’s tough to get in and kids are already gossiping about Lourdes’ audition, which was held in private. “A lot of kids are talking about how she had an advantage,” a student told the New York Daily News. “LaGuardia is a great school. It really is, but I think that sometimes it wants to be more of a ‘Fame’ school.”

Neither school officials nor Madonna’s publicist will confirm whether or not Lourdes got in, but we’re willing to place a pretty strong bet that she did. If enrolled, she will be in their drama program.

She’s gonna live forever, she’s gonna learn how to fly…high!


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