Madonnas Glove Affair: How She Is Trying To Hide Her Age (Photos)

Is Madonna trying to make a fashion statement?

For some celebrity parents, it seems like they would do anything to stop the ageing process, with Madonna being the frontrunner in trying to find that eternal fountain of youth.

While the Queen of Pop has tried it all a nip and tuck here and there, botox, fillers, drinking virgin blood you name it, she’s most likely done it. But when it comes to hiding the wrinkles on her hands, there’s apparently no special potion that will erase what is quite evident.

Madonna has been sporting gloves more and more often on the red carpet does she really think that we don’t see that it’s not a fashion statement that she’s trying to make but instead trying to hide her obvious signs of ageing? Check out our photo gallery and tell us what you think. 

  • Madonna 1 of 13
    The real reason Madonna always wears gloves, to hide those ageing hands!!
  • Glove Affair 2 of 13
    Glove Affair
    Madonna arrives at London's swanky Shoreditch House to celebrate her 52nd birthday.
  • Uh Oh! 3 of 13
    Uh Oh!
    Madonna comes over all camera-shy as she walks to the set of her latest movie "W.E.", shooting on location in London.
  • Can’t Hide 4 of 13
    Can't Hide
    Singer Madonna and her children are seen going to Kabbalah in NYC.
  • Her True Age 5 of 13
    Her True Age
    Music legend Madonna goes out to run some errands in New York City.
  • Hiding The Truth 6 of 13
    Hiding The Truth
    Madonna attends the the UK premiere of the movie "W.E" held at Odeon Kensington in London.
  • Seeing Red 7 of 13
    Seeing Red
    Love the gloves, though.
  • Costume Affair 8 of 13
    Costume Affair
    Madonna with Jessica Seinfeld at the Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.
  • Too Young? 9 of 13
    Too Young?
    Madonna dresses up as a schoolgirl for the Jewish celebration of "Purim" at the Kabbalah center in New York.
  • Forever Young 10 of 13
    Forever Young
    Madonna and daughter Lourdes Ciccone on the red carpet for the New York premiere of the movie "Nine", held at the Ziegfeld Theatre.
  • Covering Up 11 of 13
    Covering Up
    Madonna on the red carpet for the New York premiere of the movie "Nine", held at the Ziegfeld Theatre.
  • Over Exposed 12 of 13
    Over Exposed
    Madonna checks out some new real estate developments on West 11th Street in New York.
  • Madonna 13 of 13
    Madonna's wrist as she heads for her daily workout at her home gym.


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